Mexican Tecnológicos and Clean Energy Agenda

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Mexican Universities and InTrust Global Investments

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The 260 Tecnológicos of Mexico gathered for their Clean Energy Summit in Cabo, San Lucas last November the 6th, 2013. The Tecnológicos today are responsible for educating more than one third of all the graduated engineers in Mexico.

InTrust’s members participated as key note speakers under Tecnológicos’ “Clean Energy Agenda”, and engaged the Faculty and Presidents in a broad discussion regarding the future link of academia and project development in Mexico.

Over a two-day discussion, the general theme was the concrete possibility of positioning Tecnológicos and Universities as central players to transform rural and indigenous economic landscape in Mexico.

The analysis involved the description of concrete projects and financial vehicles available today to link the global financial markets with local projects, through Tecnológicos and Universities.

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